That guy/girl, standing in front of the camera, sticks out so much to me..

Hello dear, you must be new/not into the jrock fandom~~ This is Ruki. He is the vocal of Japanese band The Gazette. Enjoy your peek into our lives being deconstructed from across the screen~~~

Lol hi. I know that’s Ruki from The GazettE, but I meant about the fan, in the striped shirt, thats not jumping along with the crowd.

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Japanese Expressions


Yatta - I did it

Uso - No way / Really / You’re kidding [literally means ‘a lie’]

Kawaii - Cute

Sugoi - Wow / Amazing

Honto - Really / Seriously

A so desu ka - Oh I see

Mochiron - Of course

A yokatta - Oh good

Zenzen - Not at all

Nani - What

Doshiyo - What shall I do?

A bikkurishita - What a surprise

Yappari - I knew it would happen

Hadashi - It’s me